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WIN TS has taken its inception on July 3rd, 2022. WIN TS, with inspiration and encouragement from WIN India aims to forge build a strong work force which strives to empower kidney care in the community, promote relationship amongst each other for patient advocacy, and providing a platform to collaborate with other medical professional bodies and societies. We intend to play a prominent role in renal education, research, and leadership. WIN TS aspire to uplift and support nephrologists beyond the barriers of native institutions. Our body strives to follow the best strategical practices that helps us achieve our core mission.

Mission Statement: To foster an ambience of advancement in academics and research

Vision and Goals:  

  • Increased focus on upstream kidney health-at community level/patient level
  • Awareness regarding organ donation
  • To collaborate, network and work across the barriers to provide a niche for women in leadership and research.
  • To work towards generating equitable access to kidney care more so to the women

We believe in Strengthening each other and reaching out to new avenues of learning across the roadblocks.

WIN TS TEAM Constitutes of following members.

Patron: Dr Anuradha Raman, Senior consultant Nephrologist at Sunshine Hospitals.

President: Dr Kiranmai Ismal, Professor, Department of Nephrology, Osmania General Hospital.

Vice President: Dr Dhana Lakshmi, Professor and Head Department of Nephrology at ESI Superspeciality Hospital

General Secretary: Dr Priyadarshini John, Consultant Nephrologist, AIG Hospitals.

Joint Secretary: Dr Rana Fatima, Associate Professor, Pratima Medical College

Treasurer: Dr Anuradha Kavadi, Assistant Professor, Department of Nephrology, Osmania General Hospital.

Executive Members:

Dr Jyotsna, Consultant Nephrologist, STAR hospitals

Dr Rama Enganti, Assistant Professor, Department of Nephrology, Osmania General Hospital.

Dr Bhavya Dasara, Consultant Nephrologist, Mamata Academy of Medical sciences.

Dr Deepthi Aynavilli, Assistant Professor, Department of Nephrology, ESI Superspeciality Hospital

Dr Hima deepthi, Consultant Nephrologist, KIMS hospitals

Dr Sushmitha, Consultant Nephrologist, KIMS hospitals

Dr Lalithambika, Consultant Nephrologist, AINU.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. —John F. Kennedy

Women in Nephrology India intend to igniting interest in nephrology among young practioners to effectively meticulously mentoring them in various aspects of kidney diseases.

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